For more than two decades, STARSOURCE has honed it's skill in delivering superior job candidates to our clients. Every relationship is unique, yet each has elements in common that we employ to secure our candidates. "Trustworthy, honest, true integrity, genuine and comfortable" are some of the terms that clients and candidates use to describe our relationships. We are very pleased with these descriptors. We believe in our people and they believe in us because we are real people who will take the time to get to know those that we work with in a way that serves to make the best placements possible.

We engage the highest quality research in locating and attracting the best candidates for our clients' positions. This means we do not look to merely check the box next to each desired skill. We also take a studied view of the potential candidates present and future capacity to deliver on the promise that is apparent from their resume. The intangibles can be more important than those items that can be easily codified. Our goal is to bring candidates forward who will grow with the position to which they are hired to fill. This brings long-term satisfaction and the promise of growth to come. Of course, there are times when an organization finds it most attractive to bring a new person onboard who is being primed to rise quickly to fill a planned opening that is coming soon after the new hire begins. In either situation, our staff is skilled in locating, building trust and enticing the right candidate to move to a promising new position.